Breast Health 101

w/ Takiya Ballard

Breast Health 101 for Everybody. Taking care of your chest is important for the rest of your health and life. Unfortunately, most of us are clueless about this part of our bodies. For many, breast health is about feeling for lumps to spot potential breast cancer and maybe breastfeeding. But, all bodies have breasts, nipples, mammary glands and should be considered in your overall wellness. Learn breast awareness techniques to better monitor and improve your breast health!

the educator

Takiya Ballard

Takiya Sakina Ballard is a Certified Nurse Midwife who partners with birthing families to inspire them to become savvy birthers. She's spent nearly two decades as a midwife with nearly 1000 births in the hospital, birth center, and home. Takiya is the voice of the new podcast "The Savvy Black Birther" and a consultant to BIPOC birthing families seeking advocacy support and education. She is also a mentor to aspiring healthcare professionals through her mentorship program via Sakina Health, a virtual health service. Connect with Takiya here.