Part 2: Communicate

Wed, Sept 30 @ 8:30 pm est

Good sex requires great communication. The first step to more orgasms is understanding your pleasure - the second step is telling your partner all about it... but knowing how and feeling comfortable doing that can be hard! This class will teach you simple, sensual ways to communicate about pleasure, consent, safety, comfort, fantasy... and how to do it using words, sounds, touch, body language and more.


Jimanekia Eborn is a Queer Media Consultant, Comprehensive Sex Educator, and Sexual Assault & Trauma Expert. She is the host of Trauma Queen - a podcast mini-series for survivors of assault and our allies that focuses on uplifting voices in all communities and exploring our collective journey to healing. Jimanekia is the Founder of Tending The Garden, a healing retreat for survivors, focused on femmes of color.