Part 3: Practice

Tues, Oct 6 @ 8:30 pm est

It’s time to take all you’ve learned about exploring and communicating your pleasure, and put it into practice, baby! This class is about specific techniques, positions, and kinks for partnered sex to help you get more creative during intimacy, find new pleasurable sensations, and have more orgasms! Yes, yes, yes! Bring your partners!


Sonalee Rashatwar (she/they) LCSW MEd is an award-winning clinical social worker, sex therapist, adjunct lecturer, and grassroots organizer. Based in Philly (licensed in NJ and PA), she is a superfat queer bisexual non-binary therapist and co-owner of Radical Therapy Center, specialized in treating sexual trauma, body image issues, racial or immigrant identity issues, and South Asian family systems, while offering fat and body positive sexual healthcare.