Empowered Blow Jobs

w/ Frenchie Davis

Blow jobs can really suck...(no pun intended) they can feel degrading, they can actually hurt, ie choking, neck pain, jaw pain, dry mouth, watery eyes, and let's be real...semen in the mouth can be, well... gross. 😳

But amazing blow jobs are possible! Frenchie Davis is here to help; the best part: this Blow Job class is focused on YOUR pleasure. She'll be giving blow job lessons so you can have a fun, empowering experience anytime you choose to do this gracious act. And if you're lovin' the Blow Job, your lover will melt too.

the educator

Frenchie Davis

Frenchie Davis is an authority on Human Sexuality. With over 20 year's experience, she hosts workshops, is an author, guest lecturer, producer, and talk show host. She combines her love and expertise of social services, education, and pop-culture to Entertain, Educate and Enhance the emotional and sexological intelligence of her audiences, giving advice of a wide range of subjects from amazing blowjobs to empowering sexuality.