Healing Trauma

Survivors Who Identify on the LGBTQ+ Spectrum

Oftentimes folks in the LGBTQ+ community have a harder time with trauma for many reasons. Relationships are different, identities may be different but the trauma is still the same. This space is for folks to come and ask questions about their web trauma between being LGBTQ+ and being a survivor.

the educator

Jimanekia Eborn

Jimanekia Eborn is a Queer Media Consultant, Comprehensive Sex Educator, and Sexual Assault & Trauma Expert. With a Masters in Health Psychology, she has worked in mental health for the past 12 years in sex education and sexual trauma support. Jimanekia is the host of Trauma Queen - a podcast mini-series for survivors of assault and our allies. She is also the Founder of Tending The Garden, a healing retreat for survivors of assault.