Navigating Healthcare + Talking to Doctors

w/ Takiya Ballard

Since we live with a healthcare system that overlooks and dismisses us - we HAVE to rigorously educate and advocate for ourselves. This class will teach you how to be a super-savvy healthcare consumer and advocate for your body. We'll cover:

  • What adequate and inadequate care looks and feels like
  • How to be the #1 expert of your body by listening, tracking, and communicating what it's telling you.
  • How to find the best provider for your needs
  • How to get the most out of your appointments.
  • A convo guide to use when talking to healthcare providers.

This class will benefit everybody.

the educator

Takiya Ballard

Takiya Sakina Ballard is a Certified Nurse Midwife who partners with birthing families to inspire them to become savvy birthers. She's spent nearly two decades as a midwife with nearly 1000 births in the hospital, birth center, and home. Takiya is the voice of the new podcast "The Savvy Black Birther" and a consultant to BIPOC birthing families seeking advocacy support and education. She is also a mentor to aspiring healthcare professionals through her mentorship program via Sakina Health, a virtual health service. Connect with Takiya here.