It can be hard to connect with your sensuality. What is the sensual vs sexual anyways? Plus, blocks like trauma, fatigue, chronic pain, body insecurities, depression, anxiety etc. can hold us back. This virtual classroom will give you practical tools to tap into your sexuality chakra and tap into the art of sensual space taking... We'll be movin' and groovin' so wear clothes you can move in, and get ready to FEEL GOOD.

Class Curriculum

Livestream classes to help you build up your sensuality.

The Teacher

Kevina Lorae is an intuitive healer, intimacy coach, and sensuality doula that assists others in bridging the gap between spirituality and sexuality. She is also CEO of Aphrodite’s Playground, a Certified Reiki Practitioner, and Co-Host of Real Uncensored - a podcast dedicated to unpacking societal expectations around self-love, body image, sex, shame and more...